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Road transport intelligence and training provider EwiCenter joins IRU
Poland | Wrocław

Road transport intelligence and training provider EwiCenter joins IRU

17 Jul 2023 · Corporate

Polish company EwiCenter, with EU-wide road transport expertise, has joined IRU as its newest member.

EwiCenter, which organises training sessions and provides services to road transport companies across the EU, such as helping them to calculate their drivers’ driving times and remunerations, has joined IRU.

The company has developed its own remuneration calculation software, providing its services to over 2,500 companies. In 2022, it calculated the remunerations of over 280,000 drivers.

EwiCenter is the co-developer of the SuperTacho driving time accounting software.

SuperTacho helps to calculate remunerations and maintain full records of work hours and payrolls. The software is compatible with most GPS systems and is integrated with human resource and payroll programmes.

IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto said, “We’re delighted to have EwiCenter aboard. 

“They have been producing excellent data on the industry, which is also a perfect fit with our Intelligence Platform. The IRU network will certainly benefit greatly from their analyses and training.”

EwiCenter CEO Mariusz Hendzel said, “By joining IRU, we will be able to exchange information and best practices while accessing information and jointly influencing the decision-making process at the EU level.

“There are plenty of areas that we can forge strong connections with IRU and its other members from around the world to make road transport more efficient and beneficial for drivers and companies alike.”

EwiCenter also supports drivers with the EU’s Mobility Package provisions on posting, driving and rest time rules. 

Additionally, EwiCenter disseminates information to transport operators and accounting companies on legislative developments linked to EU and national laws.

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