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Road transport industry mobilises to curb cyber threats
Global | New Delhi

Road transport industry mobilises to curb cyber threats

27 Sep 2018

Alongside benefits of efficiency and productivity, new tech brings new risks of hacking and disruption to supply chains. Future proofing the road transport sector means building stronger and more agile cyber security. 

IRU member, American Trucking Associations (ATA) is already working to get ahead. They have set up Fleet CyWatch programme. This initiative supports fleet members in reporting information about trucking-related internet crimes and cyber-attacks, and shares information to fleets about cyber threats that may impact their operations. Industry, authorities (such as FBI and Homeland Security), associations and trade groups specialised in cybersecurity are collaborating through this project to improve U.S. road transport safety.

Zeljko Jeftic, leading Global Innovation at IRU, is in New Delhi today at the FIATA World Congress, highlighting the many benefits of automation and digitalisation, but he urges the industry – from individual vehicle operators to the world’s largest logistics operations – to prepare for cyber threats. 

Mr Jeftic said, “We need to move swiftly to mitigate cyber threats as the industry rapidly becomes digitalised and as levels of automation increase. We must become more cyber resilient.” 

The IRU World Congress in Oman on 6-8 November will examine the latest analysis and actions on the benefits and the challenges of increased connectivity and the use of advanced technology in the road transport industry.