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The road to the future: road transport leaders head to Istanbul
Türkiye | Istanbul

The road to the future: road transport leaders head to Istanbul

8 Nov 2023 · Prosperity

IRU members, transport companies, development organisations and public authorities, including both Türkiye’s Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Trade, are gathering in Istanbul for a key regional event on pressing challenges.

Türkiye is a crossroads for trade and transport across the Black Sea region and beyond into Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Commercial road transport links the region with the rest of the world, driving economic development and social prosperity from the smallest villages to the largest urban centres.

But with increasingly congested trade corridors and border crossings, and the challenge of decarbonisation and digitalisation, how can the road transport industry, governments and international organisations work together to better deliver a brighter trade and transport future for the region?

Celebrating IRU’s 75th anniversary, we are organising a special event with TOBBUND and DFDS, in partnership with IRU members TOBB and UND, within Logitrans, Türkiye and Eurasia’s most important logistics exhibition, in Istanbul, Türkiye, on 15 November.

Our interactive panels will feature leading public and private transport actors from the region and beyond, including BSEC, DCS Digital Customs Services, EBRD, OTS, TRACECA, TÜM Strategy, the Turkish Investment Fund, and both Türkiye’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and Ministry of Trade.

A special award ceremony will also be held to recognise Top Drivers and Managers from the region.

A more detailed agenda is available here