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Qatar ratifies UN TIR Convention

Qatar ratifies UN TIR Convention

29 Jan 2018

Qatar has become the 73rd country to ratify the United Nations’ TIR Convention, the global standard for customs transit, to facilitate trade and the seamless and secure movement of goods across its borders.

Qatar’s ratification is an important milestone for improving road and multimodal transport in the region, and a sign of the country’s integration into global transport and trade norms.

IRU will work with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, General Authority of Customs and the Ministry of Transport and Communications over the coming months to begin implementation, with a programme of awareness building and training. 

The General Authority of Customs has officially nominated IRU’s member, Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as the TIR national guaranteeing and issuing association in the State of Qatar.

Accession to TIR will secure customs duties and taxes and provide a robust guarantee mechanism, reducing trade transaction costs, facilitating higher growth of intra-regional and inter-regional trade.

The TIR system requires customs and national authorities to provide minimal manpower and facilities – which is limited to checks on seals and the inspection of load compartments or containers – and reduces transit delays and congestion at border crossings. 

TIR’s “single transit document” significantly decreases the risk of presenting inaccurate information and only approved transporters and vehicles are allowed to operate.

TIR also saves on transport costs, leading to increased competitiveness and growth.