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New UNECE Executive Secretary and IRU Secretary General hold first meeting
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New UNECE Executive Secretary and IRU Secretary General hold first meeting

3 Oct 2023 · Prosperity

IRU’s Secretary General and UNECE’s new Executive Secretary held their first meeting today, reinforcing the two organisations’ long-standing partnership, with an eye on the future of road transport.

Umberto de Pretto and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s (UNECE’s) new Executive Secretary, Tatiana Molcean, discussed the TIR system, the road to net-zero emissions and the UN World Sustainable Transport Day during their first meeting.

The two organisations have been working together for 75 years to improve trade and road transport, notably with the TIR system, the longest-standing UN public-private partnership. IRU has been the United Nations’ designated partner for the implementation of the TIR Convention since its adoption.

Umberto de Pretto and Tatiana Molcean discussed the need to accelerate the digitalisation of TIR and CMR to further maximise their contribution to safe, efficient and green road transport.

Beyond the TIR system, the two organisations have worked closely as partners on many issues over the past 75 years, driving global road transport standards.

Umberto de Pretto shared the road transport industry’s roadmap to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, as outlined in IRU’s Green Compact. Based on a scalable approach, the Green Compact allows all regions to decarbonise road transport as rapidly and effectively as possible.