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New route planning standard expands to Poland and Spain

6 Oct 2016

The partnership between German software provider PTV and global road transport organisation IRU continues to expand with the launch of new services in Poland and Spain.

The new services come as rising transport costs are putting more pressure on freight operators and shippers to improve efficiency through better route planning.

Road transport associations ZMPD in Poland and SETIR in Spain will now offer the first professional route planning services tailored to local conditions. Poland and Spain join the Czech Republic and Romania, which launched in May.

Work continues on rolling out the partnership in new markets for transport operators, shippers and logistics planners, developing a consistent route planning standard with comparable operational, cost calculation and billing elements.

Greater efficiency, lower costs, lower emissions

Based on PTV’s market-leading route planning software Map&Guide, the new services are fully tailored to local conditions and challenges and are being developed and promoted in cooperation with IRU member associations in each market.

A common route planning standard across Europe and beyond will bring huge benefits to the freight sector, for both operators and their clients, boosting cost transparency and helping make quotes comparable.

Andrzej Lenkiewicz, Director Commercial Department at ZMPD and Ramón Fernández Morales, Managing Director at SETIR agreed that, “Being able to offer PTV’s leading products through our members means that even the smallest operator will be able to lower transport costs and make freight transport across Europe greener.”

“We are excited to be launching this new phase of a common route planning standard”, says Zeljko Jeftic, IRU’s Head of Global Innovation. “It is proving to be a powerful tool for road transport operators to transform the economic and environmental costs of freight transport”.

A strong partnership

The partnership between the global road transport organisation IRU and German software developer PTV Group is developing new standards and services for route planning across Europe and beyond.

PTV Group plans and optimises everything that moves people and goods worldwide and in this partnership is responsible for software development, hosting the cloud-based solutions, and customer invoicing.

IRU works with a range of leading international organisations and companies such as PTV to help develop standards and offer innovative services to passenger and goods transport operators around the world.