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Новое начало: грузоотправители и перевозчики объединяют усилия
Spain | Algeciras

A new beginning: shippers and transport operators join forces

21 Apr 2023 · People

Sign the Charter! Road transport operators and shippers have come together in the first of a series of events intended to improve the treatment of drivers at delivery sites.

IRU, the Spanish International Association for Road Transport (ASTIC), the European Shippers Council (ESC), and the Spanish Association of Shippers (Transprime) met in Algeciras, Spain, to promote best practices for the treatment of drivers at delivery sites.

The event also showcased a new EU tool, the Responsible Shipper Certification, designed to incentivise shippers to sign the IRU Charter on improving the treatment of drivers at loading and unloading sites. The Charter is a universal decalogue for shippers to commit to a series of basic actions to develop trust between drivers and logistics actors.

The Responsible Shipper Certification recognises good practices in the treatment of drivers by shipping companies. Its fundamental pillars include respect for drivers, the conditions for the delivery and collection of goods and documents, and compliance with rules to load and unload within one hour, in accordance with current regulations.

The IRU Charter on the treatment of drivers and the Responsible Shipper Certification mark a new beginning in the relationship between shippers and road transport operators, the backbone of the economy.

The conference in the Port of Algeciras was the first in a series of events taking place across the ports of Valencia, Bilbao and Barcelona that will acknowledge the efforts of loaders and carriers instituting best practices towards drivers.

IRU EU Advocacy Director Raluca Marian said, “We are really proud to see our member ASTIC and other key stakeholders in the Spanish market advancing the Charter and enhancing cooperation and trust between shippers and carriers.

“We hope this will serve as an example for other countries and catapult the implementation of the Charter across the EU.”

Ramón Valdivia, Executive Vice President of IRU member ASTIC and IRU Presidential Executive member, said, “Our drivers deserve to be treated with dignity. We must build adequate infrastructure, ensuring their safety and comfort.”

“It’s equally important for carriers and shippers to work together and improve other working conditions,” he added.

The shippers' association in Spain and over 400 European companies have already signed the Charter. 

“The main objective of the Charter is to ameliorate the treatment of drivers at loading and unloading sites, which will enhance their working conditions, significantly increase operational efficiency and, ultimately, make to profession more attractive,” highlighted Raluca Marian.

“We hope to collect many more signatories in the very near future,” she concluded.

Join the Charter to improve the treatment of drivers at delivery sites.