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ITF and IRU publish new ECMT permit user guide
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ITF and IRU publish new ECMT permit user guide

18 Feb 2022 · Prosperity

The 2022 edition of the IRU and the International Transport Forum (ITF) user guide on the application of ECMT multilateral quota system is now available.

Since its introduction in 1974, the ECMT (European Conference of Ministers of Transport, the predecessor of the ITF) multilateral quota system of transport licences has facilitated road transport services by allowing holders to travel across countries in the pan-European space. It has also improved road safety and reduced the environmental footprint of the industry. 

In addition to the permit system based on bilateral agreements, the ECMT multilateral quota system has become an effective tool for ITF member countries to regulate the access to the market of international transport of goods by road. 

The guide is a tangible result of successful collaboration between IRU and ITF. The two organisations have long played an active role together in promoting the numerous benefits of the ECMT multilateral quota system for trade, the road transport industry and ITF Member countries. The new user guide will help governments and transport operators implement the permit system efficiently, via a greater understanding of its technical and practical details.

Download the 2022 edition of the ECMT multilateral quota user guide from the ITF website. The guide is in English and French, and a separate Russian version is also available.