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IRU partners with Upply on access to key transport pricing information
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IRU partners with Upply on access to key transport pricing information

10 May 2021 · Innovation

Through a new partnership with Upply, the digital marketplace dedicated to road transport and supply chain professionals, IRU, the world road transport organisation, is providing its members with pricing information to help them make the best possible business decisions.

With a view to maximising the benefits of new digital technologies for the road haulage sector, IRU and Upply are providing professionals with the keys to making this market more efficient, transparent and fair.

Upply’s data on road transport prices will be made available to IRU members via its online Intelligence Platform service. IRU’s Intelligence Platform brings together real-time regulatory and operational information for journey planning, with insights on key industry trends for longer-term strategic planning.

“Information only has real value when it’s shared. For Upply, helping to enrich the IRU platform with our expertise in data science and transport pricing enables us to work towards this goal. What’s more, we deeply appreciate being able to work with this historic international organisation. I’m convinced that this partnership will help IRU members in their decision-making,” said Boris Pernet, Upply’s General Manager.

“IRU’s Intelligence Platform already includes a wealth of information to support strategic business decisions. The addition of pricing information from Upply will go even further to ensure that IRU members have all the tools they need to succeed,” added Vincent Erard, IRU’s Director of Corporate Services.

Accessing transport prices and understanding the evolution of freight rates is a key element for all links along the logistics chain: shippers, forwarders, professional organisations and carriers. Drawing from its database of 250 million data points, Upply has developed unique statistical and algorithmic models to provide reliable insights. IRU members can view pricing information from the last two years on nine major European routes throughout France, Germany, Italy, Poland and the Benelux region.

This partnership will also allow IRU members to discover other Upply solutions for comparing and analysing freight transport prices: Compare a Price, Compare a Budget and Trends.