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New Delhi

IRU extends activities in South and Southeast Asia

13 Feb 2017

IRU has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Asian Institute of Transport Development (AITD), to partner on achieving positive change for road transport services across South and Southeast Asia.

The MoU highlights the importance of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, professionalisation of the sector and the promotion of the smooth flow of passengers and goods across borders and transport network links.

Expanding IRU’s regional network, the partnership will achieve these goals via the exchange of information, organisation of workshops, training and seminars, research and advocacy, and the promotion of transport and logistics innovations.

Specific objectives include the promotion and facilitation of road transport through unification and simplification of regulations and practices relating to domestic and international road traffic in the region. Key focus areas will be on customs formalities, road safety, business-enabling policies, best practice, applying global standards and the use of UN transport and transit facilitation instruments that contribute towards better, more sustainable road transport services.