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IRU briefs UN and WTO on pandemic impact
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IRU briefs UN and WTO on pandemic impact

30 Jun 2021 · People, Prosperity

Yesterday, IRU addressed a special WTO COVID-19 Symposium and a meeting of the UN Advisory Group on Transport Responses to the pandemic, providing an update on the impact of COVID-19 on the road transport industry. 

IRU called on governments to support the industry and reiterated its emergency call for action on COVID-19 vaccinations for professional drivers. 

Referring to its latest research, IRU warned that last years’ predicted looming wave of bankruptcies in the road transport industry is turning into a real wave of bankruptcies. To enable road transport to continue offering essential services and bringing goods and passengers to where they need to be, governments need to act now. 

IRU also urged governments to build back better by fully implementing the UN TIR and CMR Conventions and their digital tools eTIR and e-CMR.

29 Jun 2021
Advocacy, Coronavirus, Goods transport, Passenger transport