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Hegelmann Group joins IRU in boost to sustainable logistics innovation
Germany | Bruchsal

Hegelmann Group joins IRU in boost to sustainable logistics innovation

13 Aug 2021 · Corporate

The German-based logistics multinational Hegelmann Group has joined IRU to support its ongoing green initiatives and to encourage and work within the broader industry on sustainable transport and logistics.

Founded in 1998, the Hegelmann Group is a family-run company providing a wide range of transport and logistics services, including for heavy and hazardous goods, car transportation as well as solutions for complete and consolidated cargo. The company also provides a wide range of other services such as truck workshops, driver academies, and hotels. As part of their long-term strategy, they are currently in the process of building an innovative new hub in Poland to combine multiple of these services in one versatile area.

The company will use its new IRU membership to share and influence the global discourse on more sustainable and efficient logistics, including its own experiences of LNG powered trucks. An additional focus will be its development of multimodal and intermodal connections between Europe and Asia.  

Consistent growth over its two decades of existence has seen the Group expand to its current size with a fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles. The company today employs over 7’000 people in 40 branches across Europe and the US.  

We welcome the whole Hegelmann Group team to IRU and we look forward to working together.