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We are pleased to welcome new member @IN_Groupe to the IRU family!
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IN Groupe joins IRU to shape digital road transport solutions

16 Jun 2021 · Corporate

French company IN Groupe has joined IRU to help drive new solutions and services for transport firms by learning and sharing best practices and addressing new market trends. 

Founded in 1538, IN Groupe (formerly Imprimerie Nationale) is a global specialist in secure identity and digital services. It guarantees the management of sensitive data, supports regulated economic sectors and safeguards components for identity documents, banknotes and bankcards.

In joining IRU, IN Groupe aims to actively share experiences and know-how to enhance the digital capabilities of the transport industry and network directly with local and international partners in IRU’s membership and broader network

With the development of the digital economy and increased circulation of people and information, IN Groupe has been providing a range of services within the road transport sector for over 15 years. 

These include digital identity solutions for regulated ecosystems, the tachograph identity card for France and many other countries, digital secured platforms for transport professionals, and the distribution of driving licenses and vehicle registration systems.

With solutions deployed in more than 150 countries, IN Groupe has offices in France, Germany, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, the Netherlands, Singapore and the USA, and a workforce of 1,700 employees.

To all IN Groupe employees around the world, welcome to the IRU family!