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Thessaloniki e-CMR pilot
Greece | Thessaloniki

Greece pushes forward with digital transport

22 Jun 2017

Backing for digital logistics is ever growing, with Greece’s first national transport operation to use the digital consignment note taking place today.

Putting the spotlight on next steps for cross-border e-CMR in the region, the pilot project highlights the benefits of increased supply chain efficiency and greater transparency.

With France and Estonia the latest of 11 countries to accede to the UN protocol on digital consignment notes, this new development for the Balkan region boosts momentum for paperless supply chain data exchange in the near future, rendering transport systems more transparent, accurate and efficient.

The real-time recording of data means that agencies instantly receive information on the goods being transported. Hence, any required subsequent actions, happen faster and at less cost.

Boris Blanche, Chief Operating Officer at IRU says,

“Digital transport operations provide the vital infrastructure for many of the transformative technologies in mobility that promise to re-shape the way people and goods move across the planet. IRU is excited to endorse and facilitate e-CMR as part of this strategic groundwork for the approaching revolution in transport.”

The pilot project opens a two-day event in Thessaloniki – "e-CMR: Going digital in road transport” – focusing on digitalisation and the new wave of technology in logistics operations, which is reshaping the industry.

Apostolos Kenanidis, President of the Hellenic Federation of Road Transport (OFAE) says,

“Going digital in road transport is not just an option. It is a matter of sustainability and development of our industry. In this regard, we are very happy to officially announce the launch of the national e-CMR pilot project in Greece. OFAE fully supports this initiative to test and analyse the benefits of digital consignment notes in Greece. It represents the future of logistics operations.”

Supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport and organised by OFAE, in cooperation with Hermestrans SA, the event brings together speakers and guests from the political and business communities in Greece, neighbouring countries and from IRU to identify next steps for the transport sector in the Balkan region, which operates in a strongly globalised and competitive market.