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Global mobility service provider Easytrip Transport Services joins IRU
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Global mobility service provider Easytrip Transport Services joins IRU

2 Nov 2023 · Prosperity

Easytrip Transport Services, provider of international transport and mobility solutions, has joined IRU as its newest member.

With a large European presence in over 18 locations, Easytrip Transport Services provides road mobility and fleet management solutions to hauliers in Europe and beyond.

IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto said, “We are very pleased to have Easytrip Transport Services aboard.

“Their expertise in increasingly important mobility services such as toll payment solutions as well as their deep knowledge of the industry and the needs of operators will bring significant value to the IRU network.”

“We look forward to helping them further expand their crucial road transport services, which truly serve the entire industry,” he added.

Easytrip Transport Services Sales and Marketing Director Gianvittorio Zandonà said, “We joined IRU to expand our activities in the international road transport community, engage with IRU’s network of members and industry stakeholders, and benefit from their expertise and intelligence.”

“We look forward to continue growing our business and the industry. There’s so much we can do together with the IRU network,” he added.

Easytrip Transport Services is also involved in the eco-friendly strategies of its parent company, Egis Group, a global engineering and construction consulting firm. 

As part of its Impact the Future programme, Egis and Easytrip Transport Services are committed to providing solutions that fight climate change, improve living conditions, and keep people connected across land, air and sea.

About Easytrip Transport Services

In 2011, Egis embarked on a mission to deliver fleet management services and knowledge to its business-to-business clients which operate various types of heavy goods vehicles, buses, light goods vehicles, and light vehicles.

Egis acquired three Dutch transport service providers, Transpass (established in 1988) in 2011, JW Versluis NV (established in 1992) in 2016, Nebu Transport Services (established in 1996) in 2022, as well as an Italian company England TIR (established in 1982) in 2013. 

Together, these companies, united under the banner of Easytrip Transport Services, consolidated decades of business-to-business proficiency in toll solutions, VAT and excise refunds, and intermodal reservation expertise.

Easytrip Transport Services has since expanded its portfolio to include telematic services, fuel cards and parking reservations offerings.