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logistics hall of fame

Former IRU President, Lothar Raucamp, joins pantheon of world's most famous logisticians

29 Nov 2016

An international expert jury today celebrates "Historic Milestones of Logistics" between 1490 and the year 2000, welcoming former IRU President, Lothar Raucamp (1905-1985) to its Logistics Hall of Fame, at a ceremony at the German Transport Ministry in Berlin. The aim of the Logistics Hall of Fame is to document key milestones in logistics and to honour the people behind them.

Lothar Raucamp was one of the most important advocates of the cooperative idea in logistics. When he set up Kravag in 1950 as a mutual insurance association, he secured the future of thousands of transport companies. He was IRU President from 1967 to 1968.

The Hall celebrates logistics milestones and the people behind them, which include founders of the postal system, the inventors of the barcode and conveyor belt, and the pioneers of parcel and express logistics, which laid the foundation for globalisation and eCommerce.

The motto for the 2016 voting period for the Logistics Hall of Fame was "Historic Milestones of Logistics" and in total, 13 big names from the field of transport, intralogistics, IT and insurance have been welcomed to the pantheon of the world's most famous logisticians this year.

The Logistics Hall of Fame was founded in 2003 and honours leading figures who have made outstanding efforts to promote the further development of logistics and supply chain management. This eternal pantheon is also designed to remind future generations of the achievements of these individuals in the service of logistics. The aim is to provide a platform to publicise the performance capability of logistics and its importance for society.