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Хищение грузов: программа обучения IRU решает важную проблему перевозчиков
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Cargo theft: IRU training programme tackles key issue facing operators

25 Oct 2022 · People

Cargo theft is a major threat to supply chains. It hits road transport – and drivers – especially hard, as goods are particularly vulnerable to theft while in transit. IRU’s transport security programme helps operators tackle security woes.

A staggering 22% of transport operators have highlighted security as a key challenge for the future of the industry and the sustainability of their companies.

To support the sector in addressing this challenge, IRU, in partnership with the Transported Asset Protection Association, offers a cargo security programme.

The programme’s two courses, which are interactive and 45-60 minutes long, cover all key road transport security aspects for both general cargo and high-value goods:

  • How to detect security threats and their consequences.
  • How to plan routes to reduce exposure to risks.
  • How and when to conduct vehicle inspections.
  • How to approach illegal immigrants.
  • How to spot mistakes in cargo documents and signs of vehicle tampering.
  • How to appropriately use social media and approach confidentiality.
  • How to react in the event of an accident.

The courses are available on the RoadMasters platform and designed to be as short as possible, making them accessible and easy to disseminate. They use simple, everyday language and include numerous videos and interactive exercises.

Learn more about the two courses: