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Brexit and sustainability top the agenda for IRU annual meetings in Brussels

2 Mar 2017

High level discussions in Brussels this week have focused on defining a sustainable future for the bus and coach sector, the impact of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, and continued support for the free movement of goods and people within the European Internal Market.

With Europe’s road transport industry focused on a greener, safer and more efficient future, Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General, joined high level representatives and partners from across Europe’s freight and passenger road transport industry to discuss the current challenges and opportunities for the sector. The impact of Brexit was a key talking point, particularly with regard to repercussions for road freight transport operators.

Umberto de Pretto said,
“Our goal is to foster the movement of goods and people efficiently, safely and sustainably. We are pleased to be working together with our partners and members in Europe to ensure that this remains a key priority, and that we continue to provide the knowledge and services to help the sector navigate the challenges ahead.”

Umberto de Pretto took the opportunity to present Matthias Maedge, IRU’s new lead in Brussels, to more than 280 members, strategic partners and decision makers at the annual Spring Cocktail. The reception also heard from Antti Peltomäki, Deputy Director General of the European Commission’s DG GROW, about the importance of the Internal Market freedoms and processes.