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IRu in the Middle EastTraining for competitiveness 

Our work in the Middle East emphasises development and validation of driver skills relevant to the transport industry. We work closely with companies and other industry stakeholders to promote professional qualification and excellence in the transport value chain. We also provide services such as training and certification for both goods and passenger transport. 

With our IRU Academy Associate Training Institutes (ATIs) in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, we have a strong presence in the Middle East and beyond. Providing market-driven, international standard-based services, these institutes offer a competitive advantage for Middle Eastern transport operators who wish to trade internationally.

One example of the countries we work with is Saudi Arabia. Together with the Middle East Logistics Institute (MELI) and Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic (SPSP), we implement our driver certification for Hydrocarbon transport. It provides the oil industry a service based on standardized norms to assess suppliers of hydrocarbon transport. The programme establishes a benchmark in terms of road safety, security and efficiency of service to objectively certify the skills of drivers in handling dangerous goods. From risk management to cost-efficiency and supplier management, the clients of MELI and SPSP can strengthen their competitiveness by identifying safe transport carriers, reducing road incidents and cutting related costs while also limiting their liability exposure in case of accidents.

Using TIR to develop economies 

Since its inception in 1949, TIR has proved a solution to achieve regional integration and dynamic trade flows. It has also significantly contributed to more efficient roads, drivers and a highly skilled professional driving community. This is why IRU promotes TIR as a mechanism for regional and economic integration, and as a way for countries to work together and enjoy better trade relations. To date, 12 countries in the Middle-East have joined the TIR convention and more are on the path to accession.

To date, twelve countries across the Middle-East, the Gulf Cooperation Council region and North Africa have joined the TIR convention: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. Countries bordering the region also use TIR, including Iran and Turkey, and more countries are on the path to accession.

TIR has proved to be an excellent trade facilitation tool in the Middle East, providing transport and logistics operators with significant transit time reductions, notably at border crossing points.

IRU regional office

Middle East (Istanbul)
Middle East (Istanbul)

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