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Iraq Baghdad

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Goods transport, Associate corporate, Transport Association

Founded in February 2022 with the objective to support the Iraqi government in its efforts and plans to develop its transport sector, ALNAQEL was established as the transport solution arm of SB Holding Group, which was founded in 2002 and operates in the Middle East, Europe and Far East (Iraq, UAE, KSA, Jordan, Egypt, UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Hong Kong).

ALNAQEL provides services related to transport planning and policy development, transport research and innovation, training, smart mobility solutions, fleet management solutions, safety and security services, data analytics, and forecasting.

The SB Holding group embodies a dynamic consortium of companies, including ALNAQEL, dedicated to delivering premium products and services across a diverse spectrum of sectors such as postal, transport and visa services to financial services, oil and gas, real estate investment, and consulting and training services.

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