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Myanmar decision on TIR in sight

20 Jun 2017

With neighbouring China and India having already acceded to the TIR Convention, Myanmar eyes TIR to enhance its role as a strategic bridge between South and South East Asia.

Public and private sectors recognised TIR as an efficient tool to promote regional integration and reduce the costs of transport and trade at TIR awareness workshops in Yangon, jointly organised by IRU and Myanmar International Freight Forwarder`s Association.

IRU spoke with Myanmar Customs, the Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Transport and Communications, to convey the benefits and technical aspects of the customs transit system.

The role of TIR in the implementation of bilateral and regional transport agreements as well as the World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement was underlined. Myanmar has ratified the Agreement, which entered into force in February 2017.  

The TIR convention is seen as the preferred solution for the facilitation of China`s “One Belt One Road” objectives, which Myanmar has supported and joined. TIR could also contribute to the implementation of regional transport initiatives such as India-Myanmar-Thailand Motor Vehicle Agreement, Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Corridor, and the potential BIMSTEC Motor Vehicle Agreement.

IRU also discussed the different aspects of the TIR system separately with the private sector, including the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Myanmar International Freight Forwarder`s Association, Myanmar Container Truck Association and Myanmar Highway Freight Transportation Services Association.

All stakeholders acknowledged the importance and benefits of TIR as a global transit system which could boost trade, as well as protect the state budget through providing a global guarantee, and they called upon IRU to provide technical support regarding the TIR system in Myanmar.