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India’s LSC training institution partners with IRU to boost driver skills
Asia | Chennai

India’s LSC training institution partners with IRU to boost driver skills

15 Nov 2023 · People

Indian training institution the Logistics Sector Skill Council (LSC) has teamed up with IRU to elevate its driver training programmes.

LSC, a not-for-profit organisation that offers training programmes to both new and experienced workers in India’s logistics sector, has partnered with IRU to deliver the highest quality of internationally recognised driver training standards.

After completing a full driver training programme, trained LSC drivers will be assigned to RoadMasters, IRU’s risk and talent management solution, allowing LSC to assess drivers at all levels and identify skills gaps, measure progress and implement targeted action.

LSC works with various stakeholders, including industries, government agencies, training providers and academic institutions, to identify skills gaps in the logistics sector and design training programmes.

LSC aims to train and certify 300 drivers with RoadMasters per month starting in March 2024.

LSC CEO Ravikanth Yamarthy said, “We are delighted to partner with IRU and offer internationally recognised training to professional drivers in India. This collaboration with IRU is a significant step forward for LSC in our pursuit to elevate drivers’ skill levels and India’s logistics sector.”

“Our cooperation with IRU will equip us with the necessary tools required to monitor and enhance drivers’ skills, further solidifying India’s commitment to providing high-quality logistics services,” he added.

IRU Director of Certification and Standards Patrick Philipp said, “IRU is pleased to provide internationally recognised training standards to India’s Logistics Sector Skill Council and certify drivers with RoadMasters, ultimately bolstering India’s operational efficiency and global competitiveness. We look forward to a successful collaboration and the positive impact it will bring to the industry.”

The IRU RoadMasters goods transport programme provides a comprehensive analysis for evaluating drivers’ skills profile, allowing LSC to enact targeted driving and non-driving skills training.

IRU RoadMasters certification demonstrates a commitment to safety, fostering higher customer satisfaction and retention.