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IRU в Китае: автомобильный транспорт — основа устойчивости цепочек поставок
Asia | Beijing

Road transport key to supply chain resilience, IRU stresses at China Expo

8 Dec 2023 · Prosperity

Thousands of delegates from over 50 countries gathered in China recently to discuss pressing challenges and opportunities facing global supply chains. 

At the first China International Supply Chain Expo held in Beijing, IRU outlined how international road transport and TIR enhance the resilience of global supply chains, calling for global collaboration to promote transport and trade facilitation and connectivity.

IRU Chief Representative of East and Southeast Asia Yan Zhou said, “The continued global uncertainties have shown us how important resilient supply chains are to ensure the movements of goods. It has also highlighted the necessity for supply chain players to diversify their transport modes and corridors.”

“Road transport under TIR, a tried-and-tested UN convention, reinforces security, efficiency and transparency among all actors involved along the supply chain. TIR significantly improves the flow of goods, cutting transport time and costs, while boosting the security of trade,” she added.  

Road transport key to supply chain resilience, IRU stresses at China Expo

The TIR system was implemented in China in 2018. TIR now connects China with over 30 countries across Eurasia, facilitating the growing volumes of trade along east-west corridors.

“IRU is working closely with our members, partners, transport companies and customs authorities in the region to further diversify road transport corridors and expand TIR into inland China, elevating its benefits for traders and other supply chain players,” said Yan Zhou.

“We encourage all private sector actors to actively participate in road transport under TIR to enjoy safer and more efficient cargo delivery,” she added.

The Expo was hosted by China’s national foreign trade and investment promotion agency, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, a longstanding partner of IRU in China. Its affiliated China Chamber of International Commerce joined IRU as a member in 2018.