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woman giving ticket to bus driver
EU | Brussels

MEP backs customised rules for bus and coach

27 Apr 2018

MEP Isabella De Monte championed the passenger transport aspects of the EU Mobility Package at a breakfast meeting in Brussels this week, in the run-up to first European Parliament votes next month.

Hosting the event, the shadow rapporteur on driving and rest time rules highlighted the specific nature of bus and coach transport, compared to freight. 

She spoke of the potential of the industry to provide safe, collective mobility across Europe while promoting social inclusion. She therefore pushed for greater regulatory flexibility to be given to buses and coaches, especially given the contribution to solving environmental issues and easing congestion.

She called for these elements to be reflected in future legislation and showed support at the EU level for IRU’s positions on the Mobility Package proposals. Co-organised by IRU, the meeting identified key areas for consideration, including the posting of workers, road infrastructure charging (tolling), and driving and rest time rules.