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road transport professionalisation training workshop
Americas | Buenos Aires

IRU working With Argentina on road transport professionalisation

25 Apr 2017 · People, Prosperity

IRU recently visited Buenos Aires at the invitation of IRU member FADEEAC and its training arm, the Fundación Para el Transporte (FPT) to discuss the latest efforts to professionalise the road transport industry in Argentina, and the potential for such efforts to become a model for other countries in South America.

FADEEAC’s and FPT’s leadership, Daniel Indart and Oscar Iraola respectively, met with IRU’s Patrick Philippe, who leads the IRU Academy, and Martin Rojas, senior advisor for the Americas.

IRU visited the Centro de Capacitación in Escobar in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, to see first-hand the available training modules, with drivers undergoing theoretical and practical training. The training facility is extremely well equipped with the latest simulator technologies to prepare drivers to operate in various driving conditions.

IRU and FADEEAC leadership also met with the Minister of Transport, Guillermo Dietrich, to discuss road safety and other initiatives, including the customs transit system (TIR) to help facilitate trade and connectivity, and the benefits of higher standards of professionalism for the road transport sector.

The IRU Academy and FPT will continue to collaborate on a national and regional level in the Americas.

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