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IRU welcomes trade and transit growth in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan | Bishkek

IRU welcomes trade and transit growth in Kyrgyzstan

5 Jun 2018

Following the TIR launch in China, Eurasia is seeing a rise in trade and transit activity, with IRU in Kyrgyzstan this week, meeting with the First Deputy Prime-Minister to ensure that TIR and digitalised transport is a priority for the country. 

Among the gateways designated to start TIR operations, Irkeshtam in Xinjiang borders Kyrgyzstan. TIR is expected to play a pivotal role along the Uzbek- Kyrgyzstan-China route by expediting customs clearance and efficiency and facilitating trade connectivity.

As the whole industry moves towards digitalisation, Secretary General Umberto de Pretto urged the Deputy Prime Minister to encourage Kyrgyz customs to finalise the implementation of TIR IT tools, which will further enhance security and streamline procedures.

He also welcomed the Kyrgyz delegation to continue discussions on trade, connectivity and digitalisation at IRU’s World Congress in Muscat, 6-8 November.