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IRU поддерживает использование цифровых технологий в транспортном секторе на бизнес-форуме в Киеве

IRU champions digital transport services at Business Forum in Kiev

28 Mar 2017

Part of the GUAM (Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development for Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) Prime Minister’s Summit in Kiev this week, the Business Forum put the focus on the digitalisation of road transport services and the development of new trade routes connecting Europe and Asia.

Addressing the GUAM Deputy Ministers of Transport and other key representatives, Dmitry Cheltsov, who leads IRU’s work in Eurasia, highlighted IRU milestones in the context of ten years of ongoing GUAM cooperation among member states. He also put a spotlight on the recent UN resolution, which endorsed developments such as eTIR and electronic consignment notes, for bringing innovation to real life. The GUAM Business Forum is a platform bringing together public and private interests from GUAM member states, as well as international organisations, diplomatic corps and business leaders.