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IRU welcomes EU Member State coordination to ease road transport on war-affected trade routes
EU | Brussels

IRU welcomes EU Member State coordination to ease road transport on war-affected trade routes

11 Apr 2022 · Prosperity

IRU has welcomed European Union Transport Ministers’ commitment to better coordinate their response to the transport challenges posed by the war in Ukraine.

This commitment comes two days after the European Commission proposed two mandates to open negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova on the temporary waiving of certain permit requirements to boost road transport capacity and ease trade links during the current crisis.

With Black Sea ports and maritime routes still closed due to the war, trade capacity between Ukraine and the EU is significantly lower. Road transport is crucial in helping move some of these goods, especially food and agricultural products, through to the EU while the war continues to affect traditional routes.

Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General, said: “A better coordination between EU Member State actions in transport is the right way forward to deal with the complex challenges of getting goods to and from Ukraine and Moldova. Road transport has played, and will continue to play, a the key role in keeping trade moving, even in the most challenging circumstances such as this war.” 

Raluca Marian, IRU EU Advocacy Director, added: “IRU would welcome an EU-wide approach, with temporary agreements in place to facilitate trade in goods by road between the EU, Moldova and Ukraine in this extraordinary situation. However the agreements need to account for, and align with, the current complex implementation of new market and social rules to ensure that EU road transport continues to work as effectively as possible without compromising its competitive level playing field. Any temporary agreements should also be evaluated on a regular basis.”

IRU will closely monitor developments in the coming weeks.