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Indian truck on a highway

IRU calls for TIR in all South and South East Asian countries

27 Jun 2017

IRU salutes the Modi government for its economically strategic choice to join TIR, and in so doing, drive growth in India and the region.

Addressing high level participants from the Indian government and business community at the Horasis India Meeting, IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, recommended that India should take a leadership role in driving global trade, by having its South and South East Asian trade partners effectively eliminate trade barriers by implementing the TIR system.
As those neighbouring countries account for only 6% of India's trade, facilitating cross border movements would boost trade in the region, and contribute significantly to reducing logistics costs, which today stifle competition, as they tend to be four to five times higher than in developed countries. Prime Minister Modi's Make in India reforms look set to reduce such penalties to productivity.