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Saint Petersburg

Digitalisation is key to competitive transport sector

7 Apr 2017

The 8th Northern Dimension Forum in St Petersburg put a spotlight on public and private sector cooperation to fast-track the implementation of digital logistics operations for improved efficiency and competitiveness – with a draft resolution on next steps as the outcome.

IRU tools based on tried and tested UN Conventions, such as eTIR: the new generation of the global customs transit system, and e-CMR: the digital consignment note, were highlighted.

Co-chairing and speaking at the Transport and Logistics round table, Dmitry Cheltsov, who leads IRU’s work in Eurasia, emphasised the digital transformation and harmonisation of international road transport operations, with proven benefits of more transparency and security, savings on transport costs, and increased competitiveness and growth.

These and other benefits of new transport industry innovations were discussed at the Forum, which brought together over 250 participants representing Russian and European ministries and agencies, regional authorities and business leaders from the region.

IRU’s role in promoting sustainable mobility for people and goods and shaping the transport policy at the highest level – such as at the United Nations and governments – was received with particular interest. IRU initiatives, like the successful eTIR pilot transports and promotion of the e-CMR protocol, were endorsed in the draft resolution.