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阿联酋准备实施 TIR 系统,贸易发展迎来广阔前景
Middle East | Dubai

UAE is TIR-ready with trade prospects set to rise

18 Dec 2017

The United Arab Emirates announces today that the TIR system – the global standard for transit – has been fully implemented and is ready to begin operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the coming months. 

Attending a press event in Dubai today, IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto said,
“TIR’s capacity to facilitate trade along critical corridors, linking South Asia and China to the Middle East, is particularly relevant – we are excited to work with our partners in the UAE to ensure the launch of TIR operations, so that trade prospects can begin to grow.”

Further preparations for roll-out across all seven Emirates are proceeding, with plans for TIR intermodal transport operations in the pipeline.

Today’s event, held by IRU member, the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE, and the Federal Customs Authority marks the milestone and reveals the first approved TIR carnet holders.

With 45 free zones (including 20 in Dubai alone), UAE is an important trade hub and TIR offers huge potential for improving transit connectivity between ports and borders with free zones and integrating them into the global logistics chain.

The UAE’s strongest trading partners are India and China – both recently acceded to the TIR Convention – reinforcing the potential for the transit tool to transform trade potential along these corridors.

UAE press conference
In attendance: Commissioner and Director General of the Federal Customs Authority, Director General of Federal Transport Authority - Land and Maritime, Directors General of Dubai and Sharjah Customs, senior representatives from Abu Dhabi and the other national UAE customs, President of ATCUAE, IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, and representatives of the first four TIR carnet holders in the UAE.