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TIR promotes Afghanistan’s role as a major transit hub
Tajikistan | Dushanbe

TIR promotes Afghanistan’s role as a major transit hub

2 Oct 2018

Savings in time and costs were reported by an Afghan transport operator this week, which sent three trucks from Torkham, Afghan-Pakistan border crossing point, to Dushanbe, Tajikistan using TIR. 

TIR was particularly useful in avoiding large trans-shipment costs at the border with Tajikistan. The transport operator hopes to use TIR in more transit routes from neighbouring countries including Pakistan and Iran to Central Asia and reduce the cost and time of regional transports even further.

During the recent Afghanistan and Pakistan Regional TIR Convention Workshop held in Istanbul on 18-21 September, participants agreed to facilitate transport and transit between the two countries by using the TIR system. The workshop also confirmed that TIR is operational in Pakistan and can be used as the customs standard for international transit in the region. 

Both Pakistan and Afghanistan also agreed to initiate test TIR operations from Karachi to Kabul and vice versa shortly.