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Kuwait City

TIR pivotal to Kuwait “Vision 2035” sustainable goals

23 Feb 2017

Kuwaiti government backs TIR as the primary customs transit tool to facilitate trade, cross border transport, and ultimately economic development in Kuwait.

Reestablishing Kuwait as a commercial and logistics hub is key for the country’s “Vision 2035”, which aims to strengthen regional and global trade routes.

The TIR system will provide much needed simplification of customs procedures, becoming the vital tool to facilitate seamless cross border transportation in all regions.

Having signed a protocol with China, which acceded to the TIR Convention last year, Kuwait’s Vision includes integration into the One Belt One Road initiative to boost trade between China and Central Asia along the Silk Road Economic Belt. Further momentum comes from developments in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, as these countries prepare to accede to TIR.

Kuwait’s ratification of the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) puts added emphasis on TIR to simplify, harmonise, and modernise customs transit procedures, which will help link Kuwait to regional and international markets.

Support for TIR was underscored during recent meetings in Kuwait between IRU, the Kuwaiti member national guaranteeing and issuing association (KATC), Kuwait Customs, Kuwait Ministry and Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the private sector. Participants stressed the importance of reactivating and promoting the TIR system in Kuwait, with full support from the Government and industry.