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Saint Petersburg

TIR expansion promotes effective transit potential

26 Sep 2016

The 9th International Forum "Transport and Transit Potential" held in St Petersburg has highlighted the success of IRU’s pilot China-Mongolia-Russia Caravan for developing transport and transit corridors across the region.

Bringing together more than 500 delegates from 60 regions of Russia and ten further countries, the event looked at effective solutions for enhancing the competitiveness of Russia's transport system.

Dmitry Cheltsov, who leads IRU’s work in Eurasia, presented the geographical expansion of TIR, to promote Eurasian integration. Particular emphasis was placed on China’s recent accession to the TIR Convention, which will have a significant impact on bilateral and multilateral trade and transport potential in the region.

Addressing the participants of the Forum, including policy makers from relevant federal agencies and departments, Cheltsov showcased the Caravan pilot project, which has illustrated how land-locked countries like Mongolia will become land-linked countries providing access to the sea, opening new trade routes and contributing to prosperity and modern road infrastructure in the region.