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TIR carnet use in Mongolia triples
Asia | Ulaanbaatar

TIR carnet use in Mongolia triples

29 Oct 2020 · Prosperity

The number of TIR carnets issued by IRU member the National Road Transport Association of Mongolia (NARTAM) has almost tripled in 2020 compared to previous annual use of TIR by Mongolian operators. 

Growing numbers of Mongolian transport firms are taking advantage of the facilitation and security benefits of the TIR system. China’s recent authorisation of meat imports from Mongolia, and authorities in both countries encouraging the use of TIR, has prompted the increase. 

Given the important role that paperless TIR procedures can play in limiting the spread of COVID-19, Mongolian customs have also expressed interest in implementing digital tools, which would pave the way for the use of eTIR. 

Under eTIR, human contact can be avoided at border crossings and information can be provided in advance, further streamlining customs procedures.