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IRU calls for EU funding of safe and secure truck parking areas is paying off: Europe's first Dekra Platinum certified truck parking has opened in Romania.
Romania | Timișoara

Platinum truck parking in Romania made possible by dedicated EU funding

26 Jun 2024 · People

IRU calls for EU funding of safe and secure truck parking areas is paying off: Europe's first Dekra Platinum certified truck parking has opened in Romania.

Travel Centers of Europe is the first secure truck parking area in Europe to be awarded the prestigious Dekra Platinum certification.

The parking is strategically located near Romania’s border with Hungary along a key corridor at the Orțișoara/Seceani exit on the A1 highway in Timiș County, Romania.

The facility was inaugurated by IRU member the National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania (UNTRR), exemplifying the innovative spirit and commitment to excellence within the IRU community.

IRU advocacy has secured EUR 750 million in dedicated EU budget for the development and upgrading of safe and secure parking areas. This funding made possible the investment in Europe's first Dekra Platinum certified truck parking.

Building a robust network of safe and secure truck parking areas across Europe will contribute to a thriving European transport sector while improving drivers’ working conditions and enhancing road safety.

Key features

  • 24/7 security: The entire parking is secured around the clock with trained personal dedicated to video monitoring. Some 160 cameras are installed, providing comprehensive video surveillance with vehicle registration number recognition.
  • 86 spots: There are 13 spaces designed for refrigerated vehicles. They’re equipped with three-phase sockets for refrigeration units.
  • Amenities: The parking area has restrooms, showers, washing machines and dryers, a restaurant, and a shop.
  • Sustainability commitment: The facility operates on electricity sourced from wind power. 
  • Charging stations: Two charging stations for electric vehicles are available outside the secure area. They each have a capacity of 185kW.
  • Highest standards: Dekra certification represents compliance with strict European safety standards set by EU rules. The Dekra Platinum certification guarantees that the parking area has the highest level of security and safety.

Lack of parking

The lack of safe and secure truck parking areas across Europe is a major problem.

There are 300,000 truck parking spaces available in the EU, with a significant shortfall of 100,000 places to meet total demand, according to a 2019 European Commission study. Only 7,000 spaces, or less than 3% of existing parking places in the EU, are in certified safe and secure areas.

The Commission is now updating its 2019 study, as strongly advocated for by IRU.

Europe desperately needs more safe and secure parking. In 2022, the union released EUR 750 million for building SSTPAs, allocated evenly over three years.

The latest call for proposals brough a substantial improvement in the eligibility conditions, leading to a more flexible funding call for safe and secure parking across the EU that enlarged its geographical scope, as called for by IRU.

The funding covers the development of new safe and secure parking areas, the upgrading of existing ones, and efforts to enhance the dissemination of parking information, including the availability, location and pricing of parking areas.

As the budget will end in 2024, with a last call foreseen for this autumn, IRU counts on the incoming EU political leadership to ensure continued financing of this important area for the well-being of drivers.

The shortage of drivers is a chronic issue facing the road transport sector. Improving the profession’s working and resting conditions are key for retaining and attracting more drivers.