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В состав IRU вошла компания Freightsafe — автор инновационных парковок
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Parking innovator Freightsafe joins IRU

31 Jan 2023 · People

Freightsafe, a young company set on improving parking for trucks with a novel approach, has joined IRU as its newest member.

Founded in 2017, Freightsafe installs and operates automated smart parking ports for trucks and trailers. The company is looking to change the way secure parking works by giving drivers and transport operators the power to procure secure parking where and when needed.

Freightsafe has joined IRU to become part of an extensive network of actors with similar goals, and work together to support the industry’s sustainability and improve drivers’ working conditions.

IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto said, “We’re very happy to have Freightsafe on board. Their approach to one of our industry’s biggest issues is truly innovative.

“Freightsafe is tackling the global lack of safe and secure parking for trucks. Given the huge lack of secure parking spaces, we look forward to working with them across the globe to ease this enormous challenge for drivers and operators.”

Freightsafe CEO Charles Anderson said, “We’re really looking forward to working with IRU and their vast network of industry leaders. We’re a young company, but we’re always looking at what’s next, and the next step for us right now is to firmly establish ourselves at the heart of the industry.

“Road transport is experiencing several challenges, one of the more pressing ones is the lack of safe and secure parking. It puts drivers at great risk, and is ultimately reducing the appeal of the profession, at a time when driver shortages are sky-high.

“There are 22 million trucks in the world that are mandated by law to park every day. But there is a global shortage of more than 250,000 spaces, resulting in billions of losses every year through theft.”

“Our mission is to build and scale the future of truck parking. We believe the future for road freight is bright, and that smart truck parking networks will sit in the middle of this future,” he added.

Freightsafe is already highly involved in the industry and has developed an expertise in truck parking areas, driver facilities, and charging infrastructure. Charles Anderson presented the company’s vision during an IRU Intelligence Briefing in November 2022.

Powered by Bosch Secure Truck Parking, Freightsafe’s secure parking solution is available in Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

How it works

Freightsafe's modular parking solution is a safe and convenient place to park trucks and trailers. It’s stored at existing properties such as depots, repair centres, warehouses, ports and truck stops. Drivers can safely park, store, swap and charge their trucks.

To book a parking space, a dispatcher first reserves a space via the Bosch Secure Truck Parking portal. Upon arrival, the driver calls the dispatcher to gain access to the site and their parking space.

Freightsafe’s 24/7 surveillance centre actively monitors the trailers, giving customers live insights into the status of their parking. The same driver or a different one can collect the trailer.

Freightsafe's modular installation and smart security systems make it a scalable, sustainable and secure solution to truck parking.