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Zimbabwe Victoria falls

New customs sealing regulations hit Zimbabwe trade

20 Sep 2017

The implementation of new regulations on national customs seals in Zimbabwe is causing significant and costly delays at borders, with trucks waiting for up to five days. A multilateral, mutual recognition transit system would avoid the need for restrictive national procedures.

IRU and FESARTA (the Federation of Southern and Eastern African Road Transport Associations) encourage Zimbabwe to consider harmonised international conventions, such as TIR, which would achieve the necessary customs controls, without jeopardising regional trade facilitation and the national economy.

The new regulations are designed to control the risk of customs revenue loss on goods passing through Zimbabwe on the North/South corridor from Durban up to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, by applying national digital seals on trucks in transit.

While the need for controls on transit goods is standard, the lack of resources and infrastructure required to successfully implement these new practices is impacting the overall cost of transport, with negative repercussions for business and the economy.

Unless the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority takes action, the country’s transporters and associated sectors risk losing out to competitors in Botswana, which offers an alternative route along this corridor.


Customs (ZIMRA) yard in Mutare yesterday, where over 100 fuel tankers have been waiting on seals for some 3-5 days