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Membership value tops agenda as Board accelerates IRU’s transformation
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Membership value tops agenda as Board accelerates IRU’s transformation

22 Feb 2019

At its first meeting of 2019, IRU’s Presidential Executive (Board) has given the go ahead on a new strategy to drive IRU’s transformation to 2022 and beyond. 

Reinforcing a strong IRU presence in both passenger and goods transport, the new strategy focuses on shaping the organisation into a truly sustainable, market driven, world class transport association.

Mobility and logistics companies are facing a wide range of opportunities and challenges, and this is also directly impacting IRU. The organisation needs to remain relevant in this rapidly changing environment, and, not least, become financially sustainable. IRU’s Board firmly believe in the opportunity now to build a stronger, wider reaching organisation that passionately advocates for a safe, efficient and clean industry.

Building on the successful IRU World Congress in Oman last year, where business, governments and IRU members engaged in a stimulating, inclusive and innovative event, the Board, supported by the Secretariat, are now putting a strong focus on shaping IRU’s future. 

In essence, the new strategy will concentrate IRU into three key areas: advocacy, TIR and transit, and leveraging IRU’s trust and reputation with targeted partners. These efforts will be supported by a strong customer-centric approach to servicing members, partners and other IRU clients. 

This new “IRU house” will cover a much broader range of subjects and bring together a wider range of stakeholders to enrich the debates that matter to our industry, while at the same time focusing activities to ensure that we drive real change in the right areas. While the organisation will continue to have a global view, our impact will be primarily centred on IRU’s heartland across the Eurasian landmass. This will allow us to better service our members and, collectively, support and grow our industry. 

Many IRU members have helped in developing the new strategy over the past 18 months, particularly via the four task forces. These analysed our current efforts, but also, importantly, explored and tested potential new innovations in mobility and logistics for IRU to take forward. Thank you to all members who have helped with ideas, input and efforts. 

Our attention this year now turns firmly to making the new strategy a reality, in particular the areas of IRU’s governance and operations that need to be adapted to enable us to get closer to the market and better understand our clients, strengthen our membership base in both mobility and logistics, and become financially sustainable.

The continued support and engagement from IRU members as we move forward in implementing the strategy is very important. There will be an open discussion on the new strategy with all members at the next statutory meetings in May, followed by continued discussion, including on constitutional changes, up to and during the statutory meetings in November.