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IRU briefs Inter-American Development Bank digital policy dialogue
Americas | Washington DC

IRU briefs Inter-American Development Bank digital policy dialogue

11 May 2022 · Innovation

IRU has addressed a high-level Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) policy event on digitalisation and technology in the road transport sector. 

Representing the road transport sector at a high-level IADB event today in Washington DC, IRU has outlined how road transport embraces innovation and new technologies.

In calling for more efforts in creating an enabling environment for digitalisation in the sector, IRU urged government ministers from Latin-American countries to prioritise the digitalisation of transport documents in four key areas: visas for professional drivers, consignment notes, transport permits and customs documentation. 

IRU noted that over 80% of transport operators are small and medium sized enterprises, running a fleet of less than 10 vehicles. Upgrading to digital processes, using digital equipment, and ensuring adequate security tools and infrastructure require significant investments from these operators. 

While the benefits in closing the digital gap outweigh investment costs, initial and tangible business incentives for transport operators are often needed to kick start innovative solutions. In this respect, financial support from the IADB would play a crucial role. 

IRU also urged governments to speed up digital transformation and digitalise road transport documents by applying UN Conventions such as the TIR and CMR Conventions, while at the same time creating a binding legal framework on the rights of the business data generators. 

Based on the findings of a recent IADB report developed with IRU and the World Economic Forum, IRU stressed that employees are at the heart of any digital transformation and the creation of an inclusive and high trust culture was very important. Companies should therefore foster a high performance environment with employees trained on new technologies.