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Kiev Resolution highlights sustainable transport
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Kiev Resolution highlights sustainable transport

20 Oct 2016

IRU embraces innovation and change in Kiev at the 17th International Road Transport Conference.  Setting the stage for the global road transport community to improve efficiency, professionalism and road safety, the event initiated the adoption of the “Kiev Resolution” for sustainable transport.  

The resolution advocates a move towards paperless trade and a fully digital global transit system. It promotes UN resolutions on sustainable multimodal transit corridors and road safety and supports freedom of transit and the creation of favourable conditions for international road transport. Striving for international best practice, it is aimed at national governments, international organisations and sustainable road transport stakeholders.

The event, held jointly by IRU and the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine (AsMAP UA), hosted over 562 industry leaders and policy makers from 18 countries, to examine practice-oriented solutions, focusing on trade, transport and logistics facilitation. New services were presented, promoting direct partnerships between freight operators and shippers, and seminars were held on legal aid and professional training.

Speaking at the conference, IRU President, Christian Labrot, said, “If we want to succeed in our interconnected world, we need to embrace innovation and change to move forward on this challenging path by working together.”


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