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taxi industry in Madrid

Key Spanish taxi group joins IRU

9 Mar 2017

IRU welcomes Spain’s Federación Española del Taxi (FEDETAXI) to its associate membership, placing the interests of the Spanish taxi industry at centre stage.

FEDETAXI is a non-profit-making organisation that was established in 2012 in Madrid, Spain. It acts as an umbrella group for the various regional and provincial taxi associations and organisations within Spain. Its main objective is to defend, develop and promote the interests of taxi drivers and the associations and organisations that make up that group throughout Spain.  

Its members currently operate a fleet of over 40,000 vehicles, which accounts for more than 60% of professional taxi drivers operating in the sector. In just four years of existence, FEDETAXI has doubled the number of taxi drivers that it represents. 

Since its formation, FEDETAXI has included the three largest organisations in Spain’s taxi sector: the Asociación Gremial de Auto Taxi de Madrid, the Federación Castellanoleonesa del Taxi and the Federación Andaluza del Taxi. It has become the organisation of reference within the taxi sector and the main point of contact with institutions and authorities for defending the rights of professionals and their families working in the taxi sector throughout Spain, amounting to more than 100,000 people, as well as fighting against the intrusion of multinationals into the sector.