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Kazakhstan unlocks TIR’s potential in the fight against illicit trade

12 Sep 2019

Kazakhstan recognises the security benefits of TIR in combating illicit trade.

The Kazakh Government has taken the decisive step of issuing Order no. 619 prioritising TIR transports at the Kazakh borders, with TIR Electronic Pre-Declaration (TIR-EPD) Green Lanes scheduled to open at the Nur Zholy border crossing point with China.

This latest move by the Kazakhstan authorities is designed to combat the illicit cross-border economy, and serves to position TIR as the facilitator of safe, secure and legal goods transport between countries.

"TIR is a tried and tested tool to ensure the security of international trade. The Kazakh Government’s decision to embrace the security benefits of TIR is a welcome development, which will demonstrate the ability of TIR to combat illicit trade on a global scale”, commented IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto.

With the introduction of TIR-EPD Green Lanes, Kazakhstan and China will benefit from speedy customs control allowing for a massive reduction of border waiting times and transport costs. 

The Kazakh custom authorities’ forward-looking initiative means that neighbouring countries are also set to benefit from the trade and security advantages offered by TIR, and offers an excellent example of best practice to other customs administrations in Eurasia and beyond.