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Всё в ваших руках: максимальная безопасность
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It’s in your hands: maximise safety

7 Nov 2022 · People

Reducing liability exposure, minimising road incidents and cutting costs, they can all be achieved with the right approach.

Safety is in the hands of operators. Those with proper safety measures in place significantly reduce their accident rate.

Operators know this. And they take their safety responsibilities seriously.

Investment in road safety currently favours vehicle technology (41%), with 31% directed towards human safety, and 28% to operational measures.

These investments don’t fully align with what operators need.

Over 85% of commercial transport accidents are due to human error, with a quarter of them caused by truck drivers. Other factors, such as weather conditions (4.4%), play a minor role.

Operators can take control of their safety performance by investing in the right solution.

International best practices: IRU RoadMasters

IRU RoadMasters is a certification programme designed to optimise drivers’ skills and competency levels. It arms companies with the right data to mitigate risks and increase their efficiency. 

Sophisticated analytics allow managers to develop custom, in-depth safety guidelines and initiate specific corrective measures. Targeted training is both cost and time effective.

RoadMasters’ dashboards help to identify and get to the root causes of incidents and accidents. 

The dashboards – available at the company, business unit, geographical and driver level – suggest objective benchmarks and realistic goals that operators can follow to develop harmonised and simplified measures to improve their safety standards.

With RoadMasters, companies can establish a culture of continuous improvement, and demonstrate their compliance with the highest industry standards.

RoadMasters in different contexts

RoadMasters programmes are tailored to the specificities of each type of transport.

The Middle East Logistics High Institute (MELI) provides RoadMasters’ hydrocarbon programme to major companies, helping them to proactively manage their own safety performance and that of their subcontractors.

Amer Badarneh, General Manager at MELI, worked with IRU to implement the programme for Saudi ARAMCO’s subcontracted companies. “We have never had a specialised programme like this before. It’s based on practical assessment rather than knowledge-based tests, allowing companies to directly assess their drivers’ ability to perform professionally and safely.”

Alsa, a Madrid-based operator which transports over 300 million passengers per year, has combined RoadMasters with its own road safety programme. Drivers who demonstrate the highest professional and safety standards are eligible to receive the IRU RoadMasters certificate.

RoadMasters has four specific certifications programmes, covering the transport of goods, hydrocarbons and passengers, as well as eco-driving.


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