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IRU gears up to define Taxi of the Future

IRU gears up to define Taxi of the Future

4 Nov 2016

IRU has begun its work to define the Taxi of the Future. Bringing together a wide range of partners, the initiative seeks to work out a joint vision on the role and place of taxis in the future mobility chain. Global trends such as electrification, urbanisation and digitalisation are already significantly impacting the taxi industry. By starting this work today IRU aims to ensure that the benefits new mobility patterns can provide to customers and operators alike is maximised.

IRU’s working partners include leading mobility experts, regulators, international organisations, vehicles manufacturers, city representatives, academics and service providers.  This exciting initiative, which will chart the road ahead for the taxi industry, will define what sort of mobility the industry wishes to see in 2030 and beyond. The topic was also a highlight of the IRU Passenger Transport Council that took place in Geneva yesterday.