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IRU champions road transport excellence in Eurasia
Eurasia | Moscow

IRU champions road transport excellence in Eurasia

1 Dec 2020 · People

IRU has announced the winners of its Best Eurasian Road Transport Operator Award, which recognises excellence in economic performance, corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. 

The 2020 winners are:

  • In the 1-10 vehicles category: Self-employed entrepreneur Metelkov Stanislav Borisovich (Russia) and Chalei Group (Belarus)
  • In the 11-50 vehicles category: Barva-Avto (Ukraine)
  • In the 50 or more vehicles category: Arco-Tours Ltd. (Russia)

“With the COVID-19 pandemic completely changing our world, the road transport industry’s role is more important than ever to keep essential goods moving. Although our transport operators are facing many challenges, they are working hard to ensure the continuity of logistics flows and supply chains,” said head juror and Turkmen Association of International Road Carriers (THADA) Chairman, Bekmyrat Eyeberdyev, who is also President of the IRU Liaison Committee to Eurasia and a member of IRU’s Presidential Executive.

IRU is dedicated to highlighting the exceptional work carried out by our members. We will continue to recognise their great achievements and contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic through IRU’s awards and diplomas.