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IRU briefs Commissioner Vălean on EU transport and mobility developments
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IRU briefs Commissioner Vălean on EU transport and mobility developments

28 Jun 2022 · Prosperity

IRU has met EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean at a crucial time in the development of important social, environmental and digitalisation files related to road transport.

IRU President Radu Dinescu and EU Advocacy Director Raluca Marian have met EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean to discuss current issues and future developments in mobility for people and goods across Europe.

Ongoing Mobility Package 1 implementation was first on the agenda. IRU is grateful to Commissioner Vălean and her DG Move (Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport) team for relentless efforts to identify and interpret unclear provisions in Mobility Package 1 rules, as well as for the constructive and positive cooperation with the commercial road transport sector to move forward. 

Mobility Package 1 is the largest and most ambitious package of social and market access rules in the history of EU road transport. Its successful application requires a close partnership of all stakeholders involved, including transport operators, drivers and enforcers, along with full collaboration from all EU Member States and a good working relationship with the European Commission and European Labour Authority. 

Also in the social area, IRU was pleased to see the Commissioner’s focus on improving attractiveness of the drivers’ profession. Substantial progress could be achieved by eliminating barriers to entry into the profession, such as lowering drivers’ qualification age, attracting new talent to the EU driver pool by simplifying access conditions for third country truck and coach drivers, as well as enabling special driving and rest time rules for coach drivers. 

IRU is also happy to see that the Commissioner has committed to improve drivers’ working conditions and support, including financially, the development of safe and secure parking areas across the EU.  

On environmental matters, Radu Dinescu and Raluca Marian expressed transport operators’ concerns regarding the future lack of synchronisation between Fit for 55 measures, in particular, increased taxation and charges that would penalise operators before conditions are in place for them to be able to switch to alternative fuelled vehicles. 

IRU thanked Commissioner Vălean for supporting the industry’s decarbonisation efforts by pushing EU legislators to adopt an ambitious plan to roll out alternative fuels infrastructure. In addition, the Commissioner’s thoughtful consideration with regard to the upcoming count emission legislation in transport should act as a tool to facilitate a harmonised approach, where possible, and avoid misuse and punishment for transport operators. 

IRU President Radu Dinescu said, “We appreciate the Commissioner’s excellent knowledge and interest in a well-functioning EU road transport sector. We welcome the Commissioner’s invitation to continue dialogue with our sector on social and environmental subjects, as well as on broader transport and mobility issues, such as the facilitation of cereal transport from Ukraine, the transit of logistics chains through Austria’s Tyrol region, and ongoing digitalisation progress.” 

IRU briefs Commissioner Vălean on EU transport and mobility developments 1