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Iraqi transport platform ALNAQEL joins IRU
Iraq | Baghdad

Iraqi transport platform ALNAQEL joins IRU

31 Jan 2024 · Corporate

ALNAQEL, a specialised provider of smart transport and mobility services dedicated to helping build Iraq’s transport industry, has joined IRU as its newest member.

Founded in 2022 with the explicit goal of supporting the Iraqi government in its efforts and plans to develop its transport sector, ALNAQEL provides a range of road transport services.

Its offerings include transport planning and policy development; transport research and innovation; training and capacity building; smart mobility and fleet management solutions; data analytics and forecasting; and safety services.

IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto said, “We are very pleased to welcome ALNAQEL into the IRU family. Their mission is not easy: building Iraq’s road transport sector. We look very much forward to helping them achieve their admirable goals.”

“With our 75 years of experience and expertise in shaping safe, efficient and green mobility and logistics services, I’m confident that with the support of the entire IRU network we can expedite that process and help develop Iraq’s road transport sector,” he added.

ALNAQEL Chairman Salar Bazrgan said, “At ALNAQEL, we are committed to supporting the reshaping of Iraq’s transport industry and building a resilient transport and mobility service platform to serve individuals and institutions in the public and private sector. Joining IRU, the world road transport organisation, demonstrates our commitment to help Iraq implement the latest and internationally recognised road transport standards and best practices.”

“With the backing of IRU and its global network of leading road transport organisations and companies, we’re confident that we can slowly but surely establish a modern transport sector in Iraq,” he added.

ALNAQEL was founded as the transport solution arm of SB Holding Group, which operates in both the Middle East and Europe. The group’s investment arm, SB Investment LLC, based in Dubai, helps facilitate public–private partnerships to finance, build and operate transport projects.