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Tehran road and mountains with city
Iran (Islamic republic of) | Tehran

Iran to digitise and professionalise its road transport industry

24 Apr 2018

Meetings between IRU and the Iranian government establish a coordinated approach to promote Iran’s role as a transit hub in the region connecting East to West and North to South. 

IRU's discussions last week with the Iranian delegation – headed by Reza Nafisi, Director General of the Transit & Border Terminals Bureau (Road) – highlighted the model progress made on digital and intermodal transport in the region, with respect to successful digital TIR pilots and recent accession to e-CMR. 

IRU pledged full support to activate important trade corridors transiting Iran, putting TIR into focus on the fully digital and intermodal Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad corridor. Following India’s accession to TIR, the North-South Corridor as well as the Chabahar Agreement are also key.

Further connections highlighted were with TIR-ready UAE and Qatar, which recently joined the network. Oman and Iraq – which are set to join soon – are equally strategic.

Alongside the drive on transport digitalisation, Iran`s readiness to establish a regulatory framework that meets with international standards extends to the proposed adoption of other UN transport conventions covering road transport and road traffic safety, transport of dangerous goods and perishable food, as well as vehicle regulations.