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ILO backs road transport recovery plan
Global | Geneva

ILO backs road transport recovery plan

4 Jun 2020 · People

The International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s sectoral brief published this week supports IRU’s COVID-19 recovery recommendations, and acknowledges the road transport sector as a key driver of global economic recovery. 

As part of its recovery efforts, IRU has stressed the importance of political support, including financial and non-financial measures, for road transport operators (passenger and goods) as indispensable tools to keeping small and medium enterprises in business. 

ILO has reinforced IRU’s demands in its strategic Sectoral Brief distributed to national governments, employment ministries, labour unions, employers’ organisations and other partners in 187 countries. ILO also highlighted the difficult working conditions drivers face, despite their contribution during the pandemic. 

"ILO’s recognition of commercial road transport as a key player in the global economic recovery is a significant step that will encourage further support for the industry. Drivers have risked their own health to bring food, medicine and essential workers to supermarkets and hospitals everywhere. Now, the industry itself needs help, so it can drive global economic recovery from COVID-19."

Umberto de Pretto
IRU Secretary General